the things people don’t say.

people never say that they are going to leave one day, without a word,thinking you wouldn’t notice it.

breaking your heart in the subtle way. a goodbye full of words which won’t hold you when you need a hello.

words you wish never to hear again, and yet you shattered every time you got to hear them,

and this moment of your heart exploding so silently in the cries of the universe will never be forgotten. at least not in your mind. people forget.

people will never say that you are easy to forget until the moment you are with them but they lost you without even noticing.

people never say that they will put flowers on your eyes, petal over petal, just to be safe that you won’t see anything bad.

and they don’t tell you that the moment you move your whole existence will seem like the blink of an eye – a second too short to see all the details you were so curious to know about.

people will never say that they will lose memory of you so quickly.

not one word will leave their lips concerning your newly won loneliness; simply because they are not sure whether you once existed or if it just was the illusion of friendship.

people never tell you that your life means walking through a million acquaintances you will still be afraid to lose.

people never talk about your fear of losing, of being forgotten or being buried without tears because it seems so obvious to them that that’s how this life goes.

people will never say you’re right. they will claim you a dreamer, childish, talking nonsense, naive.

the lack of believe, the silence in the noise, the emptiness of this universe touches you in a thousand places.slowly burning your skin, layer after layer, seeing no end.

did anybody ever tell you so?


because this is the noise in the silence.

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